Zion Williamson’s ACC tournament performance will be remembered forever

“The Zion Tournament” will be remembered with the same reverence as some of the greatest March moments of all-time.

Romanticized talk about a string of individual performances in March is typically reserved for the NCAA tournament. There are exceptions though.

In 1995, the ACC gave us the Randolph Childress tournament.

The 2006 Big East tournament will forever be remembered as the Gerry McNamara tournament.

The entirety of March, 2011 is defined by Kemba Walker. That journey began, of course, with a vicious step-back game-winner, and ultimately a five wins in five days run to the Big East tournament championship.

Now, 2019 has blessed us with “The Zion Tournament.”

Some will argue that Friday night’s epic semifinal between Duke and North Carolina will be remembered with every bit as much reverence as Zion Williamson’s individual effort over the last three days. Others will say that whatever Williamson does in the NCAA tournament, good or bad, will largely wipe away the memory of his performance in Charlotte. Perhaps, but my belief is that if we revisit this debate five years from now, history won’t be on the side of the detractors.

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